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methodologies of integrated water resource management and transboundary issues - sustainable water management integrating technological approaches and governance strategies

PARADOX is the acronym for a project proposed to the EU, aiming to improve the capacities of water management systems to deal with changes and to integrate conflicting interests.
The human ecology workgroup plays a crucial role in the PARADOX consortium which combines the expertise of 34 partners from 21 countries, by delivering a theoretical framework and identifying key notions and cross-cutting issues to be addressed in empirical studies and methodological guidelines as well as conducting its own case studies.

Based on a better understanding of the aquatic system, the water economy and the change of technological paradigms PARADOX will identify key factors for sustainable water management within the theoretical framework. The research will focus on the analysis of conflicts related to river systems and transboundary water issues. The central question is, how can water governance transform the conflicts, which it is facing, in stimuli for (adaptive) change in order to induce a process of system renewal and transformation towards sustainable development? This relates to the assessment of biophysical changes as well as to the change of management strategy, if the adaptive capacity of the system decreases, and support of institutional learning and participatory decision making.

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